Kim Doughty, MSW, RSW

The stronger the winds, the deeper the roots


Sometimes life gets messy…

And sometimes it’s OK not to be OK. At times many of us deal with worry, anxiety, self-doubt, despair depression, grief, fear and anger.  Others of us are challenged with mental health and addiction concerns.

Many of the core beliefs that define us are often buried so deep it’s hard for us to find them. Sometimes our underlying worldview can be unhelpful.  It can distort our experience of life, which can perhaps lead to feeling insecure and challenged. 

All feelings and thoughts are welcome.  Being heard and understood is often the first significant step towards healing and change.  My counseling approach is strength based and instilled with hope.  I offer a space of warmth, acceptance and safety. I have been told that I bring a level of calm, comfort and empathy to the the therapy process.

Whatever the issue that is getting in the way at the moment, I believe we can work together to establish some strategies and supports as you journey back to wellness. 

I welcome clients with diverse backgrounds and needs as well as people who are new to or feel nervous about counselling. 

You are not alone.  I care.  I care a lot.


2 Caroline Street East, Huntsville, ON P1H 2B4